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Terms & Conditions of the
GMC Logistics Patreon/Server Boosters Program

Sharing Restrictions

  • Do not share exclusive content: You cannot share, leak, or redistribute any files or download information or load order you receive as part of this program. This is to protect the work of the GMC Logistics Team and the value of the program.

Live Streaming and Recording Guidelines

  • Showcase the experience, not the creation process: You're welcome to stream/share your gameplay sessions with the mods/maps, and this includes saving those recordings for later viewing. However, please don't reveal how to download or replicate those materials (example; in-game/Website/YouTube load order).

  • Respect GMC Logistics Team requests: The GMC Logistics Team may ask you to stop or limit streaming/recording in certain situations. Please comply with their requests.

Consequences of Breaking the Rules

  • Loss of access: If you violate these sharing rules, you might lose access to Patreon areas, have your Patreonship/Server Boost cancelled, or face further restrictions.

Acceptance and Questions

  • You agree by joining: By becoming a GMC Logistics Patreon or Server Booster, you automatically agree to these terms.

  • Contact us with questions: If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions, please contact the Server Admin team for assistance.

All Rights Reserved by GMC Logistics Team

GMC Logistics Team Reserves the Right to Change the Rules AT ANY TIME

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